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With as little as 150 square feet of space and less time than you think, you could have a ADU on your existing lot! Built off site and delivered to your residence, they're the fastest solution on the market. In most cases these homes are built stronger than your existing home. Put on a permanent foundation and attached to your existing utilities, they will stand the test of time.








One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

We build within budget using the latest technology and within half the time of conventional building.

After 12 years of designing and building ADU's for many different clients and properties we have assembled this group of plans into the categories below. These plans are a cumulation of experience dealing with prefab building methods, size, functional use of space and lighting to maximize the vaule while providing the best possible price for a complete design/build solution.

Mini Units (240 - 399 sqft)

Sqft 240

Bed 1

Baths 1

The Mini Unit builds usually takes less than 12 weeks, from foundation to final inspection.

Mini unit highlights:
  • Funcional 1 br designs
  • Feel much larger than size indicates
  • Great for smaller lots or yards with limited open area
  • Usually panelized builds

Building Time

12 weeks

Standard Units (400 - 649sqft)

Sqft 400+

Beds 1 & 2

Baths 1

The Standard Unit builds usually takes less than 12 weeks, from foundation to final inspection.

Standard Unit highlights:
  • More room than the mini's
  • Great size for wheelchair access
  • smallest 2BR size range most popular size range over the last 12 years
  • Great for properties with good sized backyards.

Building Time

12 weeks

Suites (650 - 1200sqft)

Sqft 650+

Beds 2

Baths 1+

The Suites usually takes less than 12 weeks, from foundation to final inspection.

Suites highlights:
  • Largest home options
  • Great for more than one person
  • Lots of open space and storage
  • Best plans for large or estate lots
  • Usually built entirely in the factory with minior site finish work.

Building Time

12 weeks

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