3 Plans to Choose from

The Micro series is a unique ADU solution set. They’re the smallest ADU designs that are built to the building code. They are not “Tiny homes” built to the RV code. This means that they are permitted by the local city/county and are recognized as real living space by the city and your insurance company. They also add value to the property.

Our ADU’s are not motor vehicles that look like homes. We only provide solutions that are safe, affordable and built to the most difficult code, being local & state regulation! This series specifically targets the need for housing that fits the low and extremely low income limits in your city or town.

These plans also add value to the property!

Completed Home

Completed Home

Here is an actual build of the Micro Plan
View completed project —


MICRO UNIT PLANS 150 Sqft to 250 Sqft

The Becky

Micro 150 | 150 Sqft —

Micro 150

Micro 200 | 200 Sqft —

The Becky

Micro 250 | 250 Sqft —

We offer property evaluation to help determine if one of our ADU’s work for you.


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