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The demand for our ADU kits has spread across California and beyond.  We’re looking to build relationships with other people and organizations that can benefit from our unique ADU solutions.


Our work in ADU legislation and actual build activity has sparked a movement in the housing market that hasn’t been seen in decades.
California has over 9M single family homes that qualify for an ADU and/or JADU.  The Casita Coalition research shows a 25% interest in building an ADU which equates to 2.25M ADU market assuming only one unit per property.

Are you positioned to capture your share of this?


What we offer:

A guide for unique and scalable ADU solutions.



Our founders have been in the ADU business for over 16 years.  You can say we started this revolution.  That experience and knowledge can give you leverage that no one in your area has.

Tested Product

All of our products have been built and evolved based on real customer feedback.  This means every client you speak to will have the comfort of knowing their ADU is not an “experiment” which means the cost to build is substantially more predictable on the front end.

Easy, Fast & Affordable

Our products and processes have evolved over the many years of testing which means that we’re the most efficient solution available.


No other company has financing solutions like our 0% interest loan and a variety of other ADU loan options that you’ll be able to tap into.

What your customers will love:

ADU SOLUTIONS & FEATURES Over 9M single family homes that qualify for an ADU

12 standard plans that evolved over 16 years of real application.
Products suited for every size and price range.
  • 150sqft -1000sqft plans
  • Installed on city lots smaller than 3600sqft
Two kit options 
  • Std kit is just framing through sheathing, windows and doors
  • Plus1 kit includes all features of Standard kit as well as plumbing, electrical, insulation, roofing and exterior siding
Kits that can go just about everywhere
  • Attached or detached applications
  • Front & rear yard options
  • Flat or sloped lots
  • No cranes needed
Most flexible build prices
  • Full contractor build (sit back and watch them do everything) $$$
  • Owner manages build (hires subs to do task) $$
  • Do it yourself (only DIY option available in the ADU market) $

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* Plans do have an up-front cost of $4500. This covers the cost to add information specific to your property to the plan set, submit the plans on your behalf and walk them through the entire city approval process. This fee does not include the cost for the city review and permit fees which are paid directly to the city of San Jose. Once the plans are approved, prefabADU will credit back the plan package fee in full by applying it to the purchase of the ADU kit making it a FREE plan set and service to you.

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