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prefabADU kits are available through a network of dealers that provide a variety of services along with the kits.  They can assist you in determining what products fit your needs and where they can be placed.

They’ll explain the process of buying and installing your ADU on-site, all aimed at helping you to find your perfect home.


Personal Services

A guide for the entire process - From site selection to move-in day, your Dealer will help you with every step along the way.


Site & Plan Selection

Our dealers are well versed in the state and local regulations so they can assist with finding the right plan and location for your needs.


Navigating the permitting process can be a complicated and confusing process but our dealers can handle the plan preparations and submittals for you.

Delivery & On-site Construction

Our dealers can help you navigate the best way to build your ADU based on your budget and skills.  From complete contractor builds to the DIY option, they’ll be there to assist with whatever you need to get you into your new home as quickly as possible.

Moving in

After delivery and installation is complete, your prefabADU dealer helps with the final touches including decks, walkways, landscaping or garages. Once you receive your certificate of occupancy you can move in with confidence, because you’ve been helped by professionals through the entire process.

Approved and Certified Dealers

prefabADU DEALERS All of our dealers go through a training process in order to ensure product knowledge.


Valley Home Development



We’re adding new partners to our network as fast as we can.  If you’d like to become a Dealer/partner or know someone who does, please go to:
* Plans do have an up-front cost of $4500. This covers the cost to add information specific to your property to the plan set, submit the plans on your behalf and walk them through the entire city approval process. This fee does not include the cost for the city review and permit fees which are paid directly to the city of San Jose. Once the plans are approved, prefabADU will credit back the plan package fee in full by applying it to the purchase of the ADU kit making it a FREE plan set and service to you.

Top 5 Questions

How is a prefabADU different from a site-built home?

Every prefabADU home is the culmination of over a decade of experience in designing and building ADU’s. Our understanding of small space design coupled with factory production knowledge allows us to build spaces that fell much larger than their size lets on while providing more functionality than anything else on the market. Why pay someone to experiment or dabble in ADU design and then search for a contractor to build something they have no knowledge of when you can have the experts walk you thru the entire process..

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