A Backyard home could be the solution for you

Can I install one of these on my property?
If you live in a residential zoning district in the state of California legally you can. You do however have to meet the local zoning set back requirements (distance from fence, house?) and conform to the look of the existing home.
Where can I put a backyard home?
What is the largest home I can put on my property?
Can you make it look like my house?
Does my property have to be flat for this?
Can I rent the backyard home to someone?
Can we make changes to the plan?
Do we have to have a kitchen in it?
Who does all the work with the city (or county)?
How long does it take to build the house?
How do you get it into my backyard?
Do you have financing programs for these?
Can you do a tile roof?
Are these homes like those cabins I see at resorts?
Can I do some of the work myself?
My (Family member/Friend) is a contractor. Can I use them to work on my Backyard Home?
Are these mobile homes?
Do they affect my property value?
Does my house get reassessed if I add a Backyard Home?
Can I put more than one Backyard home on my property?
Can I install a Backyard home on my rental house and rent it out to someone else?
Can you make it look like a log cabin?
Will it sit on blocks?
Can I leave it on wheels in case we want to move it?
Does it have a heater and air conditioner?

What could you use
an ADU for?

Elderly parents, adult children, workspace, rental income or creating a relaxing comfortable private hideaway.

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