Top 5 Reasons People Select Us

There's a reason our company is selected by more families and organizations to provide specially designed small structures than anyone out there.

Completed Home

Completed Home

Here is an actual build of the Suite Plan, The David.
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Completed Home

Completed Home

Here is an actual build of the Mini Plan, The Elisabeth.
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Completed Home

Completed Home

Here is an actual build of the Villa Plan, The Julie.
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Most contractors hide behind an ambiguous scope of work that does not define the home down to the last detail.

Once the project is started you are hit with changes and often delays due to lack of resources or poor craftsmanship. Our bid price is our project price because we handle all the details on the front end so you know exactly what you're getting. Quality materials + expert craftsmanship = Best value.



No one has committed more time and effort to designing and building solutions for small backyard structures.

Each year hundreds of people come to us with their unique circumstances looking for a home. Over the years we have compiled all these scenarios into buildable product solutions that are here for you.



You wouldn't hire a local mechanic to build you a car. In today's lifestyle we enjoy many things that are made in a factory environment.

From our clothing to our furniture, quality products are made in a controlled production environment. Homes are no different. Every home we design is built to exceed local code requirements while being able to endure transportation down a California highway. Try doing that with a 'Site-Built' home!


One Stop Shop

From sketches to building plans, city approval to final inspection.

Only one company has the in-house knowledge and reputation to get the job done. Since we're there every step of the way, you always know what the plan is and how much it will cost. No surprises and No hidden costs.



If there's one thing I can say without hesitation, it's that "NO ONE BUILDS AS FAST AS US".

Our projects are usually done in less than 12 weeks. From foundation to final inspection, we are the most efficient building solution on the market and we do it every day!

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Elderly parents, adult children, workspace, rental income or creating a relaxing comfortable private hideaway.

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