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PrefabADU panelized kits offer homeowners the ability to decide their budget for building an ADU. By using our panel kits, you have the option to work with a General Contractor for a full build, work as an Owner/Builder by hiring out subcontractors and manage the work yourself or really save and do a full DIY build.

The best part? Our kits require no crane like other prefab companies making us accessible to all.


How It Works

A guide for the entire process - From site selection to move-in day, your Dealer will help you with every step along the way.


Contact Dealer

Reach out to a dealer to find out what plan works best on your property.

Start The Process

At this stage, your dealer has helped you determine the right product & pricing to suit your needs.

Submit Plans

Work with your dealer on submitting the plans to the city/county for project approval.

Kit Build

Once your building plans are approved by the city/county we will place your project into production and start your kit build in our factory.

Ship Kit

Your kit is ready to ship, at this time foundation is poured and ready for kit install. Prior to delivery you’ll receive a complete panel plan and installation manual to aid you or your contractor with installation.

Kit Install

Delivery day! A truck full of panels turns into a home one panel at a time. With 2-3 helpers, you can have your new ADU kit up within a day on our smaller units or two days for our larger plans. Your kit is now ready to be finished out.

Finish ADU

Next comes the interior & exterior finishes, and your ADU is move in ready!

What's Included

2 Kits & 9 Plans to choose from       View all plans —

Standard Kit

Wall Panels
  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls
Exterior sheathing
Top Panels
Beams, posts & headers
Roof rafters or trusses
Roof sheathing
Misc. blocking & bracing
Hold downs
Exterior door(s)
Building paper

Plus One Kit

Everything in standard kit
Rough plumbing
  • Hot/cold water PEX A
  • Copper stubs
  • Fridge line (if applicable)
  • W/D box (if applicable)
  • Drain, waste & Vent (DWV) pipe
Rough Electrical
  • Electrical wiring
  • Outlet & switch boxes
  • Electrical subpanel
  • Electrical breakers
Roofing material
Siding & Trim
Shipping list

Top 5 Questions

How is a prefabADU different from a site-built home?

Every prefabADU home is the culmination of over a decade of experience in designing and building ADU’s. Our understanding of small space design coupled with factory production knowledge allows us to build spaces that fell much larger than their size lets on while providing more functionality than anything else on the market. Why pay someone to experiment or dabble in ADU design and then search for a contractor to build something they have no knowledge of when you can have the experts walk you thru the entire process..

Let's get started

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