San Jose Scaling ADU’s Pilot program

We’re excited to kick off this joint effort with the city of San Jose to provide an “Easy, Fast & Affordable” ADU solution that is unique to the market and only available through prefabADU.

Below you will find out exactly what this pilot has to offer this great city and we look forward to helping as many people as possible take part in this program.

Loan Program

Loan Program

0% Interest Loan
No payments for 6 mo.

Steve Vallejos / CEO | Sam Liccardo San Jose / Mayor

What is the Pilot Program?

San Jose Scaling ADU's
Our goal is to help as many as 200 people build ADU’s with the pilot program and our partners. The information below explains what’s included in the launch of the pilot program as well as what types of properties qualify for participating.

You’ll also learn how to determine if our pre-approved plans will work on your property.


On 5/12/21 Mayor Sam Liccardo announced a first of it's kind ADU loan tied to our goals of scaling ADU production in San Jose.

Program Features

prefabADU kits fully permitted and installed in 90 days
3 to 5 FREE* pre-approved plans ready to go
Two available right now
Expedited permit process at the city
Deparment of planning/building
Reduced fees
All plans are smaller than 750sqft so no impact fees
Free online self analysis
See if the plan you like will fit Symbium Build
0% interest loan for six months
No payments & no interest
Savings up to 50%
Compared to market rate rents

Program Qualification



ADU unit size must be less than 750sqft. Both pre-approved plans meet this requirement




Property can not be in a Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zone


Property can not be in a historic area

Fire Regulations

Property must be located such that the fire hydrant is no more than 600ft from the exterior wall of the proposed ADU and a fire flow greater than 1000gpm


Must maintain at least 3ft clear access between the proposed ADU and the property lines.


Proposed ADU will be no more than 200ft from the street curb to the furthest corner of the ADU


No street improvements (new/modify driveway curb cuts) required


Stormwater drainage system or grading beyond structure footings not needed


No retaining walls or shoring needed

Public Works

No Public Works permits needed prior to Building permit issuance
In order to qualify for this pilot program, the list of property qualifications above all must be met. If you are not sure if your property meets these requirements, we can assist you with addressing anything you are uncertain of.

Pre-approved plans

The After 16 years of building ADU’s it was a no brainer to have the David & the Jake as our first two pre-approved plans. Both offer fully independent living space from the primary home with out sacrificing comfort and space. We plan to add more to our pre-approved line up so let us know which of our plans you would like to see next!

The Becky

The David | 640 Sqft — 2 Bed / 1 Bath Full kitchen (w/pantry) Stacked W/D

The Becky

The Jake | 390 Sqft —1 Bed / 1 Bath Full kitchen Stacked W/D

Future pre-approved plan

We will be working with the city to add a few more plans to this program before the end of the year. We are working on getting our MICRO 150 ADU added to the program first and the remaining two slots will be filled with plans based on feedback we get from consumers.

The Becky

The Micro | 150 Sqft —

The Becky

Coming soon —

The Becky

Coming soon —

Will these plans work on my property?

We get calls and emails daily asking this question so we’re so happy to have a solution that’s easy for anyone to use!

Symbium has developed Build, a user friendly product which allows you to type in your property address, look up our plans and actually drag & drop to see if it fits. This program allows you to drag and rotate a plan all over the property to determine feasibility with easy to understand visual cues. Hate reading city code? With Build, Symbium has all the ADU zoning code info listed out for your individual property.

Loan Features

0% Interest LOAN 0% for six months.

Although the ADU industry has made many strides since we started building them back in 2006, the one thing that remains a challenge is ADU financing. There just isn’t a lot of options out there for people to choose from. That ends here!

Loan Program

Loan Program

0% Interest Loan
No payments for 6 mo.

First Capital Trust Deeds 

We’re so happy to have 29th St. Capital & First Capital Trust Deeds working with us to pilot this one of a kind loan option with us. Once you see what is being offered to you below, you’ll understand why this is such a great finance option to consider if you do not have enough funds to build your ADU right now.

There is one catch. . . They are limiting the pilot to 20-30 loans for the first phase and loans will be made on a First come - First serve, basis. If all goes well with the first phase we might see another 20 or more loans added to the program this year.

0% interest loan details

100% ADU finance. Permits & Build costs

0% for six months. No payments and No interest

Referral & Assistance to secure long term financing

Beyond six months, an additional 12 months at 9.95% interest only payments if needed

No Prepayment penalties

You might be wondering why the loan is only for six months? That's a great question, and the answer’s pretty simple.

Since it takes 90 days to build the ADU from start to finish, 29th St. Capital wanted to have another 90 days after the homes built to allow the clients (or help them) find a new 1st or 2nd mortgage option to replace this great loan. That time can be used to evaluate and select the best solution for your needs. If you decide that your options are not what you want when the six months is done, then you have the option to convert into an interest only loan for up to 12 more months with 29th St. Capital and keep an eye out for something that fits your long-term goals without fear of a Prepayment penalty.

How do I get started?

5 STEP PROCESS Get your new prefabADU in 90 days

If the program and products look like a great fit for your needs, reach out to our team below to get started with your free consultation and pricing. Our team members will be happy to help walk you through the process below.

Simple 5 step process


Select your pre-approved plan

Go to Symbium Build online to see if the David or Jake, pre-approved plans works for you (or skip to next step).


Click the link below to get started with your FREE consultation.


Once you know which plan fits your needs and want to know if the 0% interest loan is right for you, click the link above to see if you qualify for the 0% interest loan.


Start the FREE* Plan Package Agreement process once you’re ready to move forward (prefabADU representative will walk you through the detail)


Get your new prefabADU in 90 days once the plans are approved

Let's get started

If you have something you're working on that needs immediate attention, please feel free to contacts at anytime.
Michelle Vallejos

Michelle Vallejos


Daniel Guzman

Daniel Guzman

Sales | Ventas
* Plans do have an up-front cost of $4500. This covers the cost to add information specific to your property to the plan set, submit the plans on your behalf and walk them through the entire city approval process. This fee does not include the cost for the city review and permit fees which are paid directly to the city of San Jose. Once the plans are approved, prefabADU will credit back the plan package fee in full by applying it to the purchase of the ADU kit making it a FREE plan set and service to you.


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